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Our international students often find their 1st job within a few weeks.

Australia, with 5.5% unemployment, is crowned again by the OECD happiest nation the world

It is essential to reach your destination with Australian visa which includes the right to work in Australia. The duration of the job search usually depends on your level of mastery of English, his destiny and his research approach.


In this  guide to work in Australia we will  respond to your questions frequently. Especially those who  have activated the "job wanted"  so you can find it  in Australia.

Do not worry  if  As you go about reading this article, you feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of information and formalities necessary to find work in Australia.  We will help you along all the way through the  free services we offer in Australia Study so that you can fulfill your dream of working in Australia.

But first, let 's start with the first step of the journey: reading this post and finding everything you will ask  in your Australian adventure.

How to seek work in Australia?

There are a lot of websites where you can check job offers in Australia, but  to find unskilled work , we recommend  going cold calls . Move on. Leave the computer, go outside and show up in every one of the restaurants and bars in the center of your city.

If you prefer to look directly into the various portals Australian employment, we recommend you check our list of portals and employment agencies to find work online at Australia

In the list you will find all you need job portals and one of the most famous pages of jobs to seek work in Australia is  Gumtree . On this website you will find not only jobs, but also surfboards, houses, rooms and many second - hand.

You can also find work in  this list of Facebook groups to find work and home in Australia .

Australia Study Educational Services

can advise you on Australian visas : work with referee immigration agent with a law firm. For over a decade we are advising professionals on work in Australia.

In Australia it is illegal to advise on Australian visas without being qualified. Always confirm that you are talking to an immigration agent referee.

In addition to organizing all types of Australian visas, we are also specialists in studies in Australia and organize English courses for all professions.

Please  contact us  and we will give you a personal service.

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